Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Muffin Tin Monday

For over a year now I have been following a chain of blogs about interesting lunches for kids. The ideas piqued my interest but I never followed through and tried the muffin tin lunches or the whole bento trend. I am happy to say that I FINALLY tried it out and I was very happy with the results.

It was a rainy, cold inside-the-house kind of a day. A bummer for the start of our spring break. Jade had a friend over and I was wishing the girls could all get outside in the sunshine. As I looked outside at the hail and rain, I thought I'd make a sunny lunch to try to brighten up the afternoon. I did a yellow/orange theme and told the girls that it might lure the sun out of hiding (it didn't)

There are carrots, mac and cheese, corn, oranges, cake bites with powdered sugar and bunny sprinkles, and gold coins.

While I was making this lunch I was thinking about how great muffin tin meals would have been on playdates when Jade was younger. There was always fighting over who got to use the Cars plate or the Mickey bowl. I wish I'd known about these lunches back then. Also, while I know the child Jade had over this time is a good eater, many of her friends are not. I could fill up the muffin tin with lots of choices and let the pickier friends eat what they like rather than reciting every food item I posses in hopes that they'd identify one thing they'll eat. Jade will eat nearly anything so a variety muffin tin lunch would make everyone happy.

Here's Jade with her tin (I didn't want to include her friend because I knew I'd be posting it online) The girls devoured everything and came back for seconds on the mac and cheese.

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  1. i think this is a super cute idea! while i look at the picture my brain keeps wanting to move the items around so that the kids could sit across from each other and reach their own things. i would put the finger foods like carrots, chocolate and oranges in the middle row and things that need a fork like the mac and cheese and corn on oposite sides.