Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Organization for our kitchen

Our trash area in the kitchen recently had to expand. Why? Because of my UNpaper towels. I needed a place to stash them after they're used before they make it to the wash. So I got creative and bought a bicycle basket for this purpose. It's flat on one side and it's handles can be used to attach it to the wall (if you're handier than I am) Here's the basket attached to the wall:

I used nails and forced them through the wicker. It's not 100% attached. Jason was like "oh what is this basket?" and he grabbed it and it came off but I stuck it back on and scolded him. We'll see if it stays or if I have to have help attaching it legitimately.

The weird writing next to it says "washables". Let me explain... First of all, people are always throwing garbage toward the can. Sometimes they make a shot that is "all net", as in, it lands right in the can. Most of the time they use the backboard to score; the backboard is the wall. The wall was always streaked with food and questionable muck. I cleaned it so much that the paint was starting to come off. So I needed to do something.

What I decided to do was cover the wall with clear contact paper. I can wipe it off easily and it will come off of the wall without ruining the paint. Then I decided to label all the parts of our garbage area... for fun! I used my collection of magazine letters to create little labels. I taped them to the wall then covered it all with contact paper. Here's how it looks:

The categories are: washables (UNpaper towels, bibs, washcloths, and someday cloth tissues- stay tuned), recycle, garbage, and deposit $
You can't even see the contact paper but it's there! I think this is a great system for our garbage enter. Soon I will have to make a change though because I will be composting this summer to make a home for earthworms for bail. Jade's a big fisherkid :)


  1. is it gross that i use my cloth baby wipes also as tissues? emmet and i were both sick and we went through three boxes of tissues and our noses were so sore and i was completely unable to go to the store for more....so i just used a wipe. and i never looked back. it seems like it should be gross but it doesn't bother me at all.

    i endorse cloth tissues. but not hankies. i feel like you should blow nd be done not keep it in your pocket for a week.

  2. Contact paper on the wall -- genius! Love it.