Sunday, August 19, 2012

Construction Sensory Box

Nuts and Bolts construction box

What's included: 
Screws with flat ends (nothing sharp), bolts, nuts, plastic wire caps, metal strips with holes in it (like these)

Other additional objects: allen wrench, wrench, pliers, screwdrivers, toy construction vehicles especially diggers and dump trucks, wooden construction signs, and maybe even a few big magnets.

Where to get this stuff:
I save all the pieces that come with furniture-in-a-box because they usually include extra screws and a "disposable" allen wrench. I also accumulated some of this "junk" while my grandmother was moving out of her home. This is one of the items on my list of things I save.

If you don't have a stock pile of nuts and bolts, I'd recommend starting by calling a local hardware store and asking if they could donate any of these materials to your school. You never know! You could also put an ad on the wanted section of Craigs List; I have obtained large quantities of strange materials like glass jars and egg cartons via CL.

Thematic Units:
Construction (obviously):
This unit may occur because the class or children are particularly interested in construction. This may be especially pertinent when there is construction occurring close to the school or your home or if a parent visits who is a construction worker.

This may also be a larger part of a vehicles/transportation unit or a How-It's-Made unit

No image yet because I have yet to create this sensory box but I will be doing this soon!

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