Monday, August 20, 2012

Gravel Sensory Box

The Possibilities for Gravel are endless!

Here's a great Dino gravel box from

Where to get the gravel:
I purchased mine at a pet store in a mass quantity. You can also purchase this at some outdoor stores like Agway. It's not particularly cheap but it can be cleaned which means you can use it over and over again!

Related Thematic Units:
  • Dinosaurs
    • In this box: plastic dinos, bigger rocks, bowls (maybe fill one with water), trees or real leaves, plastic bones... try adding these awesome baked cotton balls:

  • Construction or vehicles
    • In this box: vehicles, wooden signs, scoops and bowls
  • Halloween
    • In this box: black and orange gravel (purchased from the fish dept of my local pet store), spiders, tomb stones, halloween characters (garage sale time!), and maybe a couple flashlights to make creepy shadows

Pinned Image
  • Any other holiday can be created using the appropriate colored gravel and festive items
  • Add water to your gravel table for an aquatic unit like turtles, frogs, even mermaids!

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