Sunday, August 19, 2012

Cotton Ball Sensory Table

Cotton ball ideas for your sensory table

Where to purchase:
This is one item that you'll have to flat-out buy. Luckily, they're not too expensive and they are available at the dollar store, WalMart, and pretty much any general merchandise store

Related Thematic Units:
Winter- when snow isn't available or you've already used  snow in your sensory table, cotton balls are a fun alternative. The box shown on the right seems to have a penguin theme (found on Pinterest)
 Included in this box: winter animals like penguins and polar bears, ice cream scoops, pails, mittens, tongs/large tweezers, and ice cube trays.

Polar Express- If your class is reading this book or watching the movie, they may enjoy a polar express train sensory box.
In this box: pails and shovels, trains and train tracks, bells, and small teddy bears, possibly xmas stockings if you celebrate Christmas.  

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