Thursday, August 16, 2012

Snow Sensory Box

Ideas for your snow sensory box:

Where to get it:
Well, snow comes from the ground in the winter. Hehe. Once a day, go outside and grab a few buckets of snow. The kids will like to play with it even while it's mostly water and once it totally melts you either have a water table or the sensory table is closed for the morning.

Need fake snow? You can use white dove soap and shave it with a fine cheese grater or microwave it, following the directions here.  There are also fake snow products that can be purchased if you'd like to spend some money (I don't want to!)

Related thematic units:
  • Welcome to Winter!The first real snow of the season has fallen
    • shovels and buckets, snowman building items (twigs, black buttons, tiny scarf, hat)
  • Snowing in July (or whatever non-winter month)
    • For this sensory table, you'll obviously be using fake snow. This may be used with cotton balls also. 
Related concepts:
I recently heard this science and sensory idea in a teacher-education course in my graduate school program: take a wading pool outside and have the children help build a snowman. Measure his height, diameter of each circle, etc. the age level of the children will dictate how much measuring and data collecting you will do. Then, bring the snowman inside and let him melt into the wadding pool. You can chart his shrinking by measuring him every 20 minutes, and, if you're tech-savvy you can take photos and create a time-elapsed clip of him melting away. Measure the water left over at the very end.

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