Sunday, August 19, 2012

Fabric Scraps Sensory Box

Fun with Fabrics! 
When I mentioned this sensory box idea to a coworker at the preschool she said she didn't think the kids would like it much. I disagree, my own kids love it and I bet the preschoolers will love it too. One benefit of this sensory box is it's age friendliness. This can be used with children starting at age 9 months because you can cut the fabric large enough that it's not a choking hazard, then cut it smaller after your baby is done mouthing everything.

Where to get the materials:
Start by saving all your fabric scraps from sewing (or ask your friends if you don't sew) You may have enough just by keeping your scraps but chances are you'll want to add some mew textures to your sensory table too.

Head to the fabric store and raid the remnants rack. Remnants are portions of fabric that are less than one yard in length. At my local Jo Ann's, they're half off the price of the original fabric so I usually pay less than 2 dollars for each piece.

Types of fabric to consider adding to your table:
fancy prom-dress fabrics that have beads built in
table-cloth material (shiny vinyl)
faux fur
cotton with bold prints

Other things to add to this box: 
 Ribbon scraps, buttons, large plastic tweezers, pom poms, I would consider hanging a clothes line above or behind the sensory box and including clothes pins in the box for kids to hang up fabric scraps (great fine-motor development activity), Velcro strips, zippers, cups to fill with fabric, toilet paper rolls (stuff the fabric inside, pull out the other side)

Anything related to sewing or how-it's-made. The sensory box pictured was created in a home for a child's birthday celebration.

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