Saturday, August 25, 2012

Teacher Gift

Jade made these flower pots for her teachers as an end of the year gift.

I found the pots at Target in the dollar section and I HAD to buy them!

Then I made tracers out of cardstock for the three different parts of each flower. Jade traced them onto various colors of felt and I cut them out (the felt was too hard for her to cut)

Next she chose fancy buttons and arranged the flower stacks into piles. She and I sewed the buttons to the flower parts to hold the whole thing together.

On the weekend, Jade collected sticks that were about 1/2 inch around and long enough to poke out of the pots. She covered all nine of the sticks with green yarn by herself! I hot glued the yarn at the bottom and she wrapped and wrapped until it was totally covered then I hot glued the yarn again at the top.

I cut some leaves from green felt and added them to the sticks to give the flowers some dimension.

I took some old gum-ball-machine-style plastic rings and glued them to the top of each flower stem. If you don't have a collection of crappy plastic rings hanging around you can use buttons or even heavy cardboard squares. This part of the craft helps the flowers to point outward instead of drooping down. I glued the flowers to the gem part of the rings and they were all set.

The flowers didn't want to stand up on their own in their pots. I took some styrofoam, which I save when it comes in packaging, and cut it into circles that fit into the bottoms of the pots. I poked the sticks into the styrofoam and voila! The flowers stood up and the arrangements looked lovely.

Jade added her teachers' names (one for her teacher, one for the aide, and one for the school counselor that Jade sees) to each pot using foam sticker letters. These can be purchased from a craft store. However, I recommend buying them from Oriental Trading because you get a million of them for a great price. I bought them a few years ago and still have plenty left.

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